Shawn Powers is recurring character in ICarly

Shawn Powers
Shawn Powers
Full Name Shawn Prince Powers
Nickname(s) Shaw (by Carly Shay)
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 2 ,1998
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Resides in Seattle
Nationality American
Family Dana Powers (mother)

Paul Powers (father) Francis Powers (grandfather)

Friends Carly Shay

Freddie Benson Sam Puckett Gibby Gibson Spencer Shay

Job Student
Grade 9th grade
Affiliation(s) ICarly
First Episode IMeet Family
Portrayed By Joel McCartney
Shawn Powers

Shawn is new neighbor of Carly and Spencer . he is new friend too . He loves ICarly . sometimes make apparition in him


  • He is one recurring character of series
  • is of same age of Carly ,Sam and Freddie
  • your last name is Powers equal , last name of Crispo from 100 Things to do before High School , and Seth Powers from Ned´s Declassifield School Survival Guide
  • your astronoligical birth sign is Pisces
  • your birthday in March 2